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  • Immediate and long term reduction of your energy costs
  • Massive reduction in your carbon footprint
  • Eco-friendly branding for your business; people love this!
  • Government rebate to reduce the cost outlay
  • It’s maintenance free and reliable.

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Businesses can choose to buy their Solar Power outright. Buying outright has its own benefits.

How does it work?
  • Pay upfront and get all the discounts, the best price upfront! This suits most small system purchases.
  • Claim full GST upfront on the purchase.
  • Claim a Tax deduction upfront or over a few years on the full purchase of Solar Power. Small Businesses may be able to claim
    up to $20,000 Tax Break on Solar Power System – More here?
  • Once it is all paid for you can enjoy the free green power of the Sun for 25 years and more.
  • We offer up to 10 years of installation warranty. This is separate to the 25 years warranty on solar panels. So you enjoy all tax
    benefits risk free.
  • Add value and green rating to your business premises.
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Zero Barriers with Zero Deposit and rental payment may be lower than your electricity bill charges, which reduces your operational cost. Solar Rental plan is currently being offered to our customers around Australia. It is month-to-month payment plan for a solar power system.

How it works?
  • Aus1 Energis installs a solar power system on your premise and you make monthly repayments on the system for a period of time, commonly most customer prefer five years.
  • The repayments are a fixed monthly payment. So you know your outgoings.
  • Aus1 Energis is responsible for the maintenance of the system while you’re leasing the system. This allows you to have a risk free spread of the cost of a solar installation.
  • At the end of the term Aus1 Energis can transfer the ownership of the PV system to you which on most occasions can be a negotiated to a very small residual payment.
  • Zero dollars upfront allows a business to go green and save their gold.
  • Claim GST on all repayments.
  • Repayments may also be tax deductible.
  • Aus1Energis looks after the maintenance of the solar power system.
  • Add value and green rating to your business premises.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an agreement between Aus1 Energis and the customer to supply electricity at a cheaper rate than provided by an electricity retailer. With an Aus1 Energis Solar PPA, Aus1 Energis installs a Solar Power System at the customer’s premises and takes on the full ownership and maintenance of the solar power system. The customer only purchases the electricity generated by the solar power system which on most occasions is much cheaper than what customers are paying for the electricity from the grid.

How does an Aus1 Energis Solar PPA work?

The way the power purchase agreement works, is very simple.

  • Aus1 Energis will pay for a solar power system. A PPA can be applied for residential or for commercial customer.
  • Once installed, commissioned and producing electricity you’ll be sent a monthly account for the electricity produced and used by you.
  • The repayments can be a flat monthly rate, or increase fractionally during the course of your contract, perhaps linked to the consumer price index. This price on most occasions is between 30%-60% lower than that of the current electricity retailer rates from the grid You enjoy these benefits for 15 years!
  • Any additional power you are not using will be fed back to the grid and a credit if available will be paid to Aus1 Energis.
  • No Upfront Capital Costs
  • Only pay a tariff for the power as you do normally to the grid electricity retailer.
  • Aus1 Energis will pay for the system.
  • No Technology, Service or Operational risks.
  • Aus1 Energis takes care of all the operation and maintenance in relation to the system with no cost to you.
  • A much cheaper Electricity rate with no risk attached.
  • For our own good, Aus1 Energis will guarantee the electricity produced because if we only make money if the solar power system will produce electricity for the entire term.
  • Add value and green rating to your business premises.

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